30 September 2011

Environmental Medicine

“This is an important textbook in a field that has only recently become defined and which has been poorly served by books in the past. It is pitched very carefully to be useful to professionals practicing public health, occupational health, and those aspects of microbiology and toxicology applied to health protection giving a comprehensive view without the inclusion of large amounts of technical detail. It’s built around the practice and theory of environmental medicine and health protection. This is a ‘must have’ book for anyone working in health protection and the supporting medical and scientific fields. It’s comprehensive without being over technical and is bang up to date”.

BMA Medical Book Awards 2011: Highly Commended

Check out a preview by clicking here. 

It is currently cheaper at The Hut and Zavvi £84.04 compared to £128.25 on Amazon. So it's worth hunting round to get the best price.

Disclosure: A colleague, Fintan Hurley, and I have written an introductory chapter on HIA for this book. Apart from a free copy of the book we have not had nor will we get any other remuneration.

Read the (introduction to) HIA chapter by clicking here.
What's different about this introduction? It provides an outline of  (quantitative) environmental health impact assessment and how it fits within, and relates to, HIA as we talk about it on this blog.