1 February 2011

The UK National Heart Forum's Global Health Impact Assessment Project

Some information on a project being conducted by the UK National Heart Forum that might be of interest:

The development of Global Health Impact Assessment is in line with the principle set out in the cross-Government strategy, Health is Global, to take greater account of the global health impact and equity of UK foreign and domestic policies. It should assist UK policy makers to develop policies which promote or protect health globally, particularly in relation to:
  • the determinants of health, such as access to clean water, sanitation and education
  • people’s ability to improve their own health, such as their income levels and food security
  • the factors that affect access to healthcare, such health system payment mechanisms and cost of medicines
We aim to pilot and support the uptake of a Global Health Impact Assessment tool which will accompany existing Health Impact Assessment tools and guidance currently available on the Department of Health website. The tool will support policy makers across Government to assess the global health impact of their policies. We would be happy to share the tool for people to comment on and review, and are also interested to hear from colleagues who might be interested in piloting the global HIA tool as part of their work.

If you have any questions regarding the project or survey, please contact Modi Mwatsama at the National Heart Forum, email: modi.mwatsama@heartforum.org.uk or the Global Health team at Department of Health, email: globalhealthteam@dh.gsi.gov.uk