6 August 2014

Brazilian guide to HIA

The first Brazilian guide to HIA has been released. From José Braz D. Padilha:
The first publication in Brazil about the use of Health Impact Assessment (HIA) has been released. 
The material was prepared by as part of technical advice for the Ministry of Health of Brazil, through the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO). Among the supporters and collaborators of publication are Dr Guilherme Franco Netto, former director of the Department of Environmental Health Surveillance and Occupational Health of the Ministry of Health, Dr. Simone Miraglia, UNIFESP (Federal University of São Paulo), among others. 
The publication is available on the Virtual Health Library (BVS), the Ministry of Health of Brazil, at the link below. 
This is a detailed guide for implementing HIA through partnerships with different institutions and professionals.
A terrific resource for Portuguese speaking HIA practitioners.

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