3 May 2013

HIA Gateway Updates

Below are listed all the resources added to the HIA Gateway over the last month.

Reports:Thames Tideway Tunnel Application for Development Consent: HIA http://www.apho.org.uk/resource/item.aspx?RID=124443 HIA of the Kirkby Centre http://www.apho.org.uk/resource/item.aspx?RID=124392 HIA of Stockbridge Village Redevelopment http://www.apho.org.uk/resource/item.aspx?RID=124390 HIA of Halewood Developments http://www.apho.org.uk/resource/item.aspx?RID=124389 HIA of Stockport’s Core Strategy http://www.apho.org.uk/resource/item.aspx?RID=124096 MHIA of use of arrests records in employment decisions: US http://www.apho.org.uk/resource/item.aspx?RID=124092 HIA of Doneraile Traveller accommodation proposal http://www.apho.org.uk/resource/item.aspx?RID=124090 

Guides:District Action on Public Health (DCN) http://www.apho.org.uk/resource/item.aspx?RID=124416 

Current Use:Stockport Healthy Planning Event 2013: Feedback http://www.apho.org.uk/resource/item.aspx?RID=124418 District Action on Public Health (DCN) http://www.apho.org.uk/resource/item.aspx?RID=124416 

Policy Documents:The role of local authorities in health issues http://www.apho.org.uk/resource/item.aspx?RID=124451 

Training Courses:European Summer School in evidence based Public Health, 1st to 5th July, Liverpool http://www.apho.org.uk/resource/item.aspx?RID=124299 

Events:Utopias in urban planning: Dreams and realities. 15 May, Stoke-on-Trent http://www.apho.org.uk/resource/item.aspx?RID=124301 Public Health England Annual Conference 2013, 10-11th September, Warwick http://www.apho.org.uk/resource/item.aspx?RID=124298 

The HIA Bibliography has recently been updated, April 2013, and 50 new references were added. It is updated quarterly. If you have any relevant published papers you think should be on this list please forward to HIA Gateway We are now part of Public Health England. Public Health England will use use your information (as registered on the HIA Gateway) in the same way as we previously used your information and will not use it for any other purposes. We will ensure these details remain secure. If you no longer wish to continue receiving this monthly email and remain registered with the HIA Gateway, please contact the HIA Gateway: bwh-tr.hia@nhs.net .

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