2 April 2013

The untapped potential of health impact assessment

A fascinating paper by Mirko Winkler and colleagues has been published in the WHO Bulletin:

Countries and regions that are promoting HIA's use or have produced HIA guidance. Source
A paper on the “untapped potential of health impact assessment” has been published in the current issue of the Bulletin of the World Health Organization. In this policy and practice piece, current health impact assessment (HIA) practice is summarized, the potential of HIA to become a critical player with the major drivers of global change (e.g. population growth and urbanization, growing pressure on natural resources and global climate change) is outlined, and it is discussed where and how HIA can become fully integrated into the impact assessment suite. HIA has an important role to play in of the unfolding 21st century’s sustainable development agenda, and if the Rio+20 agenda is to genuinely benefit vulnerable populations, then “health” must be an equal participant and partner at the table.

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