9 April 2012

HIA 6th Avenue East Duluth, MN

A Health Impact Assessment (HIA) on Duluth, Minnesota’s Complete Streets Resolution, Mobility in the Hillside Neighborhood and The Sixth Avenue East Schematic Redesign Study.
The redesign study of Sixth Avenue East in 2010, arose out of community concerns about the safety of the roadway and its perceived negative effects on the neighborhood. The Health Impact Assessment team conducted a HIA on the redesign study, current conditions in the Hillside for non-motorized transportation and its potential health impacts on the Hillside. The HIA Final Report includes both recommendations for the roadway and for changes in the neighborhood outside of the 66 foot right-of-way in the redesign study. The HIA recommendations serves as a guide for roadway reconstruction and the creation of a healthier, more livable neighborhood.

St. Louis County Minnesota

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