1 May 2010

New HIA Gateway Resources - April 2010

The HIA Gateway has added these resources over the last month. I don't think we've recently acknowledged the critical role that the Gateway plays in supporting HIA practitioners worldwide. Well done to the West Midlands Public Health Observatory and the Association of Public Health Observatories for all their great work.

HIA of Australian Government's Northern Territory Emergency Response

SA/SEA of the draft alterations to the London Plan

Efficient and effective use of SEA/SA in spatial planning

Is Work Good for Your Health and Well-Being? (DWP)

Current Use:
Efficient and effective use of SEA/SA in spatial planning

HIA for Transport Planning and Delivery: Workshop. 27th April, Cardiff.

World Conference on Health Promotion, 11-15th July, Geneva

Beyond Evidence on Reducing Health Inequities:What works, why and how 27th - 28th April 2010, Adelaide

National 1 Day conference on Planning, Health & Fast Food Lifestyles, 30th June, West Bromwich, West Midlands.

The HIA Bibliography has been updated from January 2010 to 28th April 2010, and 50 new references on HIA, SEA and MWIA have been added.

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