20 December 2008

Stipends and Bursaries to attend IAIA09 in Ghana

The International Association fro Impact Assessment Conference is being held in Accra, Ghana from 16-22 May, 20009. IAIA runs two programs to assist delegates:

Capacity Building Stipend Program
Applications are now being accepted for the IAIA09 Capacity Building Stipend Program. Applications are due 31 December. This is a great opportunity for impact assessment professionals from developing countries/countries in transition to participate in the 2009 conference and to receive ongoing benefits through IAIA membership. The complete program announcement and application form are available online at http://www.iaia.org/modx/index.php?id=442. Questions? Contact green@iaia.org. Please share this information with anyone you know who may qualify.

President’s Bursary
IAIA is pleased to announce one US$1,000 President’s Bursary for IAIA09. An eligible applicant: 1) has not attended an IAIA conference before, 2) is one whose work (academic, government, or industry) is in line with the conference theme, and 3) has submitted an abstract for IAIA09 by 31 January 2009. To apply send an email to info@iaia.org addressing how you meet the criteria above, and attach a 300-word document describing the paper to be presented at IAIA09 and its relevance to the conference theme (Impact Assessment and Human Well-Being). The application deadline is 31 January 2009. For more information about IAIA09 and to submit an abstract, visit http://www.iaia.org/modx/index.php?id=442.